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Award-Winning Radiant
Heating Systems

Advanced Radiant Design, Inc., located in Ulster County, NY, is a recognized leader in the industry, with numerous first-place national awards for residential and commercial radiant heating projects in the Hudson Valley and beyond. We custom-design fully integrated radiant heating systems that deliver complete comfort, the highest efficiency and greatest reliability.

We have designed and installed hundreds of residential and commercial radiant heating systems throughout the Hudson Valley, New York, including Columbia County, Dutchess County, Greene County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County, Sullivan County, Ulster County and Westchester County.

Full, In-House Design

Here in the Hudson Valley region, your heating system is the heart of your building. The more thoughtfully and expertly it is planned, designed and installed, the more it will pay you dividends in comfort and fuel savings. With our technical expertise, certification and training in radiant heat, we provide you with complete in-house radiant heating design services, including comprehensive planning, computer modeling and CAD drawings.

Whether your heating needs are simple and modest or large and complex, through value-added design we ensure that your needs are met with the most cost-effective strategies available. And we provide creative solutions to unique design challenges.